Music therapy can help those in addiction recovery

We use music for a lot of reasons in our lives: escape our troubles, lighten our mood, pass the time and sometimes, just to relax. But did you know that music also helps you in addiction recovery? Music therapy is a growing trend in addiction treatment centers and for good reason. 

7 Unique Instruments You Can Learn Online and Play With Friends

There’s something special about music. No matter what genre of music you’re into, listening to it always soothes the soul. You can enjoy music on your own or with friends. Learning music allows you to create your own music as well, and you can even take music lessons online and learn a variety of instruments

Connecting Sounds and Symbols: How Music Helps Children Develop Literacy Skills

A child’s brain is a remarkable instrument that’s pre-wired for learning and making sense of the world in many different ways. Kids learn most effectively when using all their senses, which is what makes music such a valuable learning tool. Developing literacy is one of the most important skills children acquire as their brains develop.

How Music Can Positively Benefit Your Child with ADHD

As a parent to a child with ADHD, you know that you must adapt your parenting technique to that of your child. The way you navigate even the simplest of situations will be different from that of a parent to a child without ADHD. According to Healthline, “Fostering the development of a child with ADHD

How To Improve Your Study Habits And Mathematical Thinking Using Music

You might think you already know how to be an efficient studier, but if you’re finding it difficult to concentrate or your grades are taking a hit, it might be time to rethink the way you crack the books. Fortunately, there are several simple ways you can change your habits and learn to train your