7 Unique Instruments You Can Learn Online and Play With Friends

There’s something special about music. No matter what genre of music you’re into, listening to it always soothes the soul. You can enjoy music on your own or with friends. Learning music allows you to create your own music as well, and you can even take music lessons online and learn a variety of instruments including the tuba, cello, or flute. Here are some unique instruments to consider.

1. Flute

If you grew up attending school in the US or have tried any of the suggested introductory instruments, you might have come across the recorder, which is itself a type of flute. The flute has a beautiful whistling sound. Flutes can be expensive, so if you’re looking to buy one, you might want to consider getting a used flute, which can do the job just as well as a new one.


2. Tuba

The tuba has a powerful, deep sound and is a lot of fun. Playing the tuba even has some physical benefits such as strengthening your core because of the careful breath control it requires, which engages the diaphragm and upper abdominal muscles. Look for one you can hold comfortably and fits your size. You can rent a tuba if you’re not certain about committing to a purchase as well. Take time to find lessons online that will help you learn the basics.


3. Violin

Violins are the lead of beautiful symphonic music. Interesting and complex physics research looks at what makes a Stradivarius violin sound so unique among other questions. A violin is a nice instrument to learn because you can play alone, in a quartet, accompanied by a piano, or even in a band. This helps you learn how to play with others and is a good time to get together with friends.


4. Guitar

Psychology research from professors at Vanderbilt University highlighted an interesting thing about learning to play guitar: most performers learned to play independent of formal lessons and teacher-directed practices. Guitars are perfect for the self-taught, and you can find all kinds of lessons online that will help you learn whatever songs you’d like.


5. Drums

Researchers have identified certain characteristics of music including a sense of rhythm to be almost universally hardwired in humans. You don’t have to buy an entire set if you’re uncertain, or even rent. Instead, you can buy a drum pad and some sticks, which can help you get a decent idea for what it’s like before taking the final plunge.


6. Oboe

The oboe is an instrument that naturally pairs with classical music, and some musicians note its ability to pair well with meditation and produce a sweet, harmonic sound that relieves stress. If you rent an oboe, make sure you still buy the reed. It’s going to absorb a lot of saliva.


7. Cello

The cello is a versatile instrument, given its ability to go to deep pitches and high strains. You can learn the cello online, which is nice in the beginning stages when you’re still getting used to carrying the cello around. A cello, much like the tuba, must be tailored to your size and abilities. You can play the cello with a piano, or other string instruments and enjoy the socialization that comes from it.

Whether you’re buying a tuba, cello, or flute, look into all kinds of buying options: renting, or even buying new or used. Invest in what you can afford, but find a sound you enjoy. Music is easier to learn than you may realize, so don’t be afraid to look online for lessons and options. Online lessons allow you to learn at your own time and pace, as well as save you the self-consciousness that comes from learning from a teacher or in a group.

When you practice, focus on deliberate, even slow practice, which will be much more effective than a rushed practice that is more mindless and lacks focus. Learning an instrument requires dedicated practice above any innate talent or ability.


Photo via Pexels